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The first, truly local and customizable vegetable box.  Choose from a list of eligible local produce items each week so that you get a box of local veggies that you can actually use!  Each week you will be sent a notification when the box contents for the upcoming week has been updated.  From there you can log in and adjust the contents of your box for the following week.

The boxes are assembled on Mondays and Tuesdays and are delivered on Wednesday through Fridays.

Next Week's box contents could include:

Purple Kale- Nomadic Greens, Dundas Ontario.

Arugula- Manorun Organic Farm, Copetown, On.

Strawberries- Paradise Organic Farm, Binbrook, On.

Green Onion- Pfenning's, New Hamburg, On.

Mixed greens - Manorun Organic Farm, Copetown, On.

Spinach- Manorun Organic Farm.

Garlic scapes- Nomadic Greens, 

Kohlrabi - Nomadic Greens, Dundas, On.

Radish - Nomadic Greens, Dundas, On.
Rhubarb- Paradise Farms, Binbrook, On.
The produce is packed in an 38L rubbermaid container to protect the contents.  The containers are also packed with insulated foil and cool packs to make sure your order is delivered fresh and in excellent shape.  






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We deliver weekly by cargo bike and electric car with zero emissions! We offer 6 delivery days per week in the L8P and L8R postal codes. 3 Days per week in the L8S postal codes and 2 days per week in the L8M, L8N, L8L postal code areas.

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We are real people selling real products. We do our best to make sure all produce and fresh products go out in excellent condition. However, if you are ever not happy with a product, please let us know right away. Don't feel bad, we would rather develop a long term relationship with you, so we will always stand behind our products and services!


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