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Fig & Olive Crisps

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Lesley Stowe's signature crisps are great to nibble on their own, but they really shine when topped with your favourite dip, cheese, or antipasto.

Their raincoast crisps are the perfect entertaining food to draw a crowd - whether it's a casual get-together or an elegant cocktail party!

Suggested Pairings

Cheese: Camembert, Brilliat Savarin, Chevre

Charcuterie: Tapenade, Capicollo

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Beer: pilsner, Indian pale ale


Unbleached flour, water, figs (coated in rice flour), pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, kalamata olives, seasme seeds, milk ingredients (skim milk, lactic acid, citric acid, bacterial culture), brown sugar, baking soda, honey, salt

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