Delivery Area

East Hamilton (John-Kenilworth) -- Wednesdays

Ancaster/Dundas -- Thursdays

Central/West Hamilton -- Fridays

Do you have a preferred delivery time? Let us know in the notes! We will do our best to accommodate. 

Delivery is free

Sustainability should not break the bank: that's why we will always strive to provide free delivery.  We want to be your weekly local food provider, and as such we promise to strive to make our service as sustainable as possible, both for the environment and for your pocket book!


Lower Hamilton

 Friday 2pm-8pm

 Saturday 10am-3pm.


 Thursday 2pm-8pm.


Thursday 2pm-8pm.

See the map below for a more detailed look at our delivery areas.  (You can zoom in for a closer look at the boundaries.)


Hamilton - Friday 2pm-8pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.  ***Orders must be in by midnight on Tuesday for delivery that week.***

Dundas - Thursday 2pm-8pm.  ***Orders must be in by midnight on Monday for delivery on Thursday.***

Ancaster - Thursday 2pm-8pm.  ***Orders must be in by midnight on Monday for delivery on Thursday.***


 We will send you a notification when your delivery is onroute. 

Not going to be home? No problem- we will leave your order in a safe location.  You can leave notes/delivery instructions on your account for our friendly bike delivery agents.  

Finally, we will send you another notification that your order has been delivered so you never have to worry.

Delivery Map

We currently deliver to lower Hamilton (From McMaster University in the West to Parkdale Ave in the East).  We also deliver to Dundas and Ancaster on Thursday afternoon and evenings.

***Craft beer/wine coming soon***

Alcohol delivery in Ontario is regulated by the Alcohol Gaming Control Board of Ontario (AGCO).  We are legally (yeah, we know it sucks) required to charge $6.00 for home delivery.

Additionally, you need to; 

  • be at least 19 years of age;
  • be home to receive the order;
  • present government-issued ID with your birth date; 
  • Unfortunately we are not permitted to deliver alcohol to commercial/work places, only residences.

If no one is home, or if the person home is not 19+, we are not permitted to deliver your order. We will contact you to attempt to reschedule, there will be an additional $6.00 charge for the second delivery attempt.