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We all know farmers feed cities, but how many farmers do we actually know?

Veggies come from farms, but do you know what farm that potato came from? that zucchini? that squash? Do you know how they were grown and cared for?

More and more people are thinking about questions like these, looking for ways to get to better acquainted with what's on their plate and to engage with their local food systems in a more meaningful way.

A slice of Manorun Organic Farm

CSAs, short for Community Supported Agriculture, are one of the best ways to do that!

A CSA connects you directly with a local farm. As a member of a CSA, you receive a weekly variety of fresh, seasonal veggies. This "farmer to eater" relationship is the best way to support local farmers and to get quality seasonal produce!  



Why should I get involved with a local farm?

Stability is inherently hard to come by in farming, since farmers are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and breaking even, or at best making a profit, is difficult even in good times. A CSA is great for farmers because knowing how many people you are growing for makes farm planning much more efficient, reducing waste and keeping costs under control.

As well, small organic farms are much more sustainable and better for the environment than large commodity farms (ie the endless fields of soy and corn you see throughout much of Ontario). These smaller farms reject harmful chemicals, and use sustainable farming practices to improve soil quality and support the health of the local ecosystem. By participating in a CSA program, you are helping to protect the local environment, and ensuring that the food that reaches your table is sustainable and healthy.

Introducing our CSA Partner:

Manorun Organic Farm

Manorun Organic Farm, located just 20km outside of Hamilton, has been operating for over 15 years. Chris, Denise, and their family have a 25 acre farm that includes vegetables, herbs, some fruit, pasture, grain and hay.

Most of the work on the farm is done by hand and so that involves lots of help. Chris and Denise work with local staff, intern volunteers and their 4 children to plant, cultivate, harvest the vegetables and go to farmers' markets, manage the livestock and bring in the grain and hay crop.

Let Bikeables bring the farm to your table. Subscribe to your CSA share today!

How do I get started?

We offer small, medium, and large shares from Manorun. Each share includes weekly home delivery by bicycle, and the season lasts 25 weeks! 

Click here for pricing and more information on Manorun's CSA program.


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