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Welcome to the first edition of our Local Vendor's blog post.  The aim of these posts are to provide a sneak peak into the background scene of our fantastic local food providers. If you have not noticed, there is a bit of a local food renaissance happening in Hamilton right now! 

This week we are highlighting Marci's Bakery.  Now, Marci's Bakery is not really a new food startup in Hamilton.  In fact, Marci has been in operation since 1989. She launched during a time when the world began to take a closer look at healthier eating habits.  Quietly over the years, Marci has built a local clean eating enterprise.  Her delicious, vegan and dairy-free goods can be found in retail stores, hospitals, and cafes from Kitchener-Waterloo all the way to Ottawa.

Marci and her team's motivation lies deep within their love to help people.  In particular, people suffering from celiac disease or others with specific dietary requirements.  This is why you will not find simple flours, sugars or other heavily processed products in her list of ingredients.  Rather, a long list of seeds, coconut or brown rice flours, and complex (non-processed) sugars.  For example, take her Paleo Protein Bites:

 They are jam packed full of seeds, raisins and cranberries.  They make a perfect trail running snack or a nice, nutritious addition to a kid's school lunch box. They are vegan, nut free and Paleo; a healthy fix for on-the-go hunger.



Marci's talent for creating healthy, great tasting baked goods was passed down from both of her grandmothers.  To this day, Marci still remembers "assisting" granny, and watching her make the most amazing food from scratch.

"I am very grateful to have inherited their gifts. Developing healthy recipes from scratch and creating flavourful, health-improving cuisine comes naturally to me."



Another one of Marci's hits, the Brilliant Brownie. Again, Marci did not sacrifice ingredients to make this decadent treat; a mixture of sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, non-dairy cocoa butter, cocoa and brown rice flour.  
Whether you are someone with specific dietary requirements, an athlete looking for an energy dense treat or just someone looking for a healthier option in the baked goods department, we are confident you will love Marci's Products.  We are so confident that we are giving our first 10 orders this week (over $20) a free sample of Marci's products!  Act now because these tasty treats won't last long!





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