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When were out this week doing home delivery of Coffeecology's fresh-roasted, fair trade organic coffee, it was raining.

A lot.

And it was cold. And it was windy.

"It must be awful out there!" "How on earth do you do it?"

We definitely received a few surprised looks, but by and large it was well wishes all around from some of our amazing customers who happened to be home.

How can you stand it?

We agree that by most objective standards the past two days weren't ideal. At the same time, we wouldn't rather be doing anything else!

Supporting and promoting local business? Check.

Using environmentally friendly vehicles to get the job done? Check.

And getting a great workout -- oh, you best believe that's a "check".

Dressing Appropriately

There's no big secret to staying comfortable when you're out there, exposed to the elements. Dress appropriately for the weather and you'll be fine!

It's a bit trickier to do when you're working up a sweat, but following some simple rules for layering will keep you as dry and as comfortable as possible while you're out there.

A (synthetic) base layer, top and bottom, helps to wick away sweat, allowing your body to cool itself naturally. A warmer mid-layer, like a long-sleeved merino wool or synthetic shirt, helps you to retain heat. And a windproof/waterproof outer layer -- a reflective, visible cycling jacket or vest (depending on the temperature) -- protects your body from the elements and ensures all of your carefully planned layers don't go to waste!

Don't Worry, [We're] Happy!

So next time you see us out in the elements, remember: we're dressed appropriately, and we wouldn't rather be doing anything else!

So when it's too cold and awful to leave the house to buy groceries, or to get your favourite local goods, or to run to LCBO, remember that for us, no matter what the weather is like, it'll always be totally bikeable!


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