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Meet the Sauce Queens:

Jo Anne, Mary, and Marlow: 
Three women who have come together to pursue their passion for clean eating and making delicious gourmet sauces.

      The La Dee Da team is committed to bringing you the best sauces packed full of garden-fresh, local ingredients. In their sauces, you’ll find freshly picked basil from Teresa’s farm in Milton, Ontario, hand-picked organic mushrooms from the Piccioni Brothers Mushrooms in Dundas Ontario, apple cider from Bennett’s Apples and Ciders in Ancaster, Ontario and wine from Greenlane Estate Winery in Beamsville, Ontario. The ingredients are so delectable that with these sauces you’ll have no problem appearing as a professional chef in the kitchen.

      La Dee Da artisan-made gourmet sauces are prepared in Hamilton, Ontario. Their sauces are in over 400+ stores currently and they are continuing to expand. The ladies of La Dee Da are passionate about seeing their company develop in a way that will have a truly positive impact on the way people eat.

 Sauces include:




Visit their website for delicious vegan, vegetarian, and meat sauce recipes OR CLICK HERE TO ORDER FOR DELIVERY!