Posted on by Chloe Fox

      If there is one thing that stands out about Paradise Fields farm it is there utter and complete dedication to the community and their health. To put it frankly— Paradise Fields is a nutritional wonderland. Owner Mario Roque, believes fully in the impact that good quality food can have in one’s life in the areas of prevention, treatment and recovery from illness. 

      The human body contains over 4 trillion cells with 60-70% of those cells replacing themselves every 6 months. In order for the DNA to replicate itself properly, it utilizes at least 45 separate minerals. Most soils only contain 10 to 22 of these minerals, which for Mario, was not enough. The lack of minerals in the body promotes both ageing and illness. In order to combat this issue, the team at Paradise Fields is working to remineralize the earth. They add 92 minerals and trace minerals to their soil from British Columbia glacier rock dust and sea water. They also work to enhance both the microbial and fungal activity of the soil and do yearly tests to make sure everything is where it should be.

     The farming team is lead by Brian Tammi, who has over 10 years experience working in the organic farming industry. The farm produces a large variety of fruits and vegetables. In one corner of the farm is a large apple orchard that will soon bare 45 different varieties of organic apples. Not far from the apple orchard, Brian and his team have begun putting up a caterpillar wind tunnel that will house local, organic raspberries. They are also working to put up a greenhouse that will include a store, juice and smoothie bar and cold storage. In the future, Mario hopes to build a healing centre on the property where those who are ill can find aid in healing with food.

     This beautifully large 64-acre farm is home to many of the incredible certified organic produce you’ll see at the NEW Dundurn Market. Make sure and taste the difference good quality soil makes.
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