Posted on by Chloe Fox


     It’s a crisp morning in May, not long since the weather has started to show signs of spring in Southern Ontario. We’ve arrived in Dundas to meet Thomas of Nomadic Greens at his beautiful home. It is here where Thomas gives us a quick tour of where his washing, drying and packaging is done prior to distribution.

      Thomas started NomadicGreens nearly 3 years ago as a way to re-connect with nature and the community. His plan is to leave his job as a Finish Carpenter to farm full-time. You can tell from the start that Thomas knows what he’s talking about. He’s done plenty of research on different farming technologies and has rigged up a pretty impressive system for preparing his produce to be sold.

      From here we drive up to Thomas’ farm on the outskirts of Dundas. This is where the real magic happens. Thomas grows a variety of greens, including kale, lettuce, bok choy and arugula, root vegetables like carrots and beets, asparagus, onions, tomatoes and micro greens. The produce is grown without herbicides or pesticides and watered using water collected from rainfall off the roof of the barn. 

      This year's late start to spring has put pressure on Thomas and other farmers, but he remains patient with his crops and knows that nature will do its work. The recent wind storm did some damage to the caterpillar wind tunnel Thomas built, but this is just another day in the life of a farmer. The caterpillar allows Thomas to protect his crops from the weather and pests while allowing for good air flow.

      In the interest of sustainability, Thomas uses organic farming methods. This results in nutrient-dense and flavourful produce. Thomas says the one downside to organic farming is that the cosmetics of the produce aren’t always as great as those grown with chemicals. However, what you get in terms of taste and nutrient quality is well worth a few nicks here and there.

      Come and try the delicious and locally grown produce from NomadicGreens at the NEW Dundurn Market! You can also follow Thomas for updates on his goods on Instagram: @nomadicgreens