Posted on by Chloe Fox

      Chia seeds are undoubtedly one of the most nutrient dense foods on this planet. Grown in South America, they come from the Salvia Hispanica plant. These tiny little seeds are said to have been a staple in Aztec and Mayan cultures. They were not only used as a way to nutritionally maintain soldiers, they were also valued so much that they were often used as a currency.

      Centuries later and chia is back in the spotlight. Here’s a few reasons to include chia seeds in your diet:

-Chia seeds are loaded with nutrients that support the functioning of both body and mind
-They are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and omegas
-Gram for gram, they have more healthy fats than salmon
-They can be used to boost energy, improve digestion and elimination, promote brain function, balance blood sugar and help us to maintain a healthy weight
-One tablespoon of chia seeds provides 15% of the Recommended Daily Value (RDV) of magnesium, and 30% RDV of calcium

How to Eat Chia

      The tiny black seeds have a slightly nutty flavour. Eaten raw, you can try adding them to yogurt, oatmeal, salads and smoothies. You can also cook with chia. Try adding the seeds to breads, muffins, and any other baked goods.

      For vegan baking, replace one egg with one tablespoon of chia and three tablespoons of water. Let it sit for a few minutes and a gel-like substance will form that will take place of the egg.

       As always, when upping your fibre intake, make sure to increase your consumption of water. The average person needs between 2-3 liters of water a day. 


Try this Chia Pudding Recipe (pictured above):

-1/2 cup chia seeds
-2 cups coconut milk
-1/4 cup blackberries
-1/4 cup raspberries
-1/2 banana

1. Mix chia and coconut milk into a bowl or jar.
2. Let sit overnight.
3.Top with fruit when ready to eat!