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How to Manage Your Subscriptions

At Dundurn Market, we offer all of our customers the ability to subscribe to just about anything we carry in store. Many choose to subscribe to staples like bread, milk, eggs, and coffee, and many more enjoy using our service to subscribe to farm-fresh local veggies, like from Manorun Organic Farm!

Whatever you choose to subscribe to, we want to make sure the process is as simple and straightforward as possible. That's why we have put together this walk-through of how to manage your subscriptions.

This walk-through will take you through everything you need to know: how to add a product on a subscription plan; how to check out with a subscription product; how to manage (skip/modify/cancel) any subscriptions you have; and how to make changes to other information on your account, like your shipping address or billing details.


Setting Up Your Subscription(s)

 1. Subscribing to a Product

We allow you to subscribe to a product on a weekly basis. You can subscribe to a product, and have it delivered on the schedule of your choice. Let's take a look at one of our more popular products by Coffeecology for an example. 

2. Checking out with a Subscription-based Product

The check-out process for subscription products is the exact same as with one-time purchases. In this example, I've added a half-dozen Donut Monster donuts, and I want to receive them every two weeks. 

In the bottom right-hand corner, I enter my postal code and click the magnifying glass icon. The form below tells me I'm eligible for delivery, and I choose the delivery date and time that works for me.

3. Checking Out, and Filling in your Delivery Info

This is a step that most of us are familiar with in 2018. Fill in your billing and shipping details here!

4. Fill in your Payment Details

On the final page before you complete your purchase, you are asked to provide your credit card information. Fill this in to complete your order.

Note your order summary on the right-hand side of the screen. You will see the items you are purchasing (whether on a one-time or subscription basis), the quantity, and the interval, which can be every 1-6 weeks.

Note: all subscription orders are processed and charged on Tuesdays. This does not affect your choice of delivery date.


Managing Existing Subscriptions

1. Log in to manage your subscriptions

From the Dundurn Market homepage, simply log in to your account, and then choose "Manage my Subscriptions" from the links at the top of our home page.


If you choose "Manage my Subscriptions" before logging in, you will be prompted to log in.

2. Understanding the "Manage my Subscriptions" page

When you log in to manage your subscriptions, this is the page you will see. It provides you with an overview of all of your active subscriptions. Click around to explore all of the features!

Note: if you have more than one subscription, you will have to navigate the different orders to identify which one contains which product.

3. Skipping an Order

To place a hold on a subscription for one or more weeks, click on the "Order #" link on the left. This will cause the window to expand, and show you the upcoming shipment dates for that particular subscription.

In this example, the subscription interval is set to every 4 weeks. If you want to skip any of your upcoming orders, simply click on "Skip Order" for the date you wish to skip.

4. Modifying Subscription Item Quantities

If you want to change the number of items you get in your subscription, click on the "Product Quantities" link. This will bring up a window that allows you to modify the number of products you will receive.

In this example, we are changing the quantity of coffee we are receiving every 4 weeks.

5. Other Options -- Modify your address, update your billing info, etc.

There are many other actions you can perform for each of your subscription. The amount of customization options should allow you to fine-tune your order just the way you want it!

In this screen, we can see there are options to update your credit card information, update your billing/shipping details, view upcoming orders, and more!

These options are fairly intuitive and self-explanatory when you use them.

That's it!