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We all want to be healthy and happy right?  However, with increasing work demands and a busy home life, its hard to take the time to ensure we are eating for success.
Thats why we are very excited to introduce the newest member to our team, Chloe Fox.  A certified Nutritionist and with years of experience in the natural health industry, Chloe has a wealth of knowledge on all things health and diet related.  Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing plant based recipes created by Chloe to help you find the health and happiness you are striving for.  We aim to make eating local and healthy as easy as possible, that's why soon you will be able to shop by individual recipes.
Meet Chloe and her pup Hank!
Chloe has had her own struggles with health so we sat down with her to learn a little more about some of the challenges that she has had to overcome and why she is such an advocate for a wholesome, plant based and local food diet:
For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with my health. Like most millennials, my family didn’t know much in the way of nutrition. We survived on T.V. dinners, fast food, and the occasional home-cooked meal.
Overnight Oat Parfait with fresh berries.
At the age of 20, my health really took a turn for the worse. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, carpal tunnel, and several food allergies and intolerances. My body was producing mass amounts of inflammation and it made day-to-day life a struggle.
It was incredibly lucky that I had already begun working in the natural health industry. With little to no help from my doctors, I decided to take my health into my own hands and begun my journey to heal through diet, exercise and supplementation.
Garbanzo and Spinach salad.
Making change is never easy. It took some time for me to really figure out what I was doing. Through research and experimentation, I dedicated time to learn about how the body works and what can go wrong when we fail to obtain proper nutrition. Now several years later, I can happily say I am almost completely free of all physical symptoms and my illnesses are kept at bay through daily nutrition and exercise.
Kale, lemon sandwiches served on De La Terre sourdough bread.
My illness has been a blessing in disguise. The more I began to immerse myself into the world of nutrition and natural healing the more I have become fascinated by the intricacy of the human body and our ability to manipulate how we feel (both physically and mentally) by something as simple as our daily food choices. Since becoming ill I have obtained my Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach Certificate from the Canadian Fitness Association, my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutritionist certification, and my Health, Wellness and Fitness Co-op Diploma from Mohawk College.
I am a whole-hearted advocate for supporting local, organic, environmentally friendly and sustainable farming--- which makes me SO excited to be joining the Bikeables team!!
My commitment is to bring you the best possible knowledge and insight from what I have lived and learned from years of experience working both as a nutritionist and in the natural health industry. Make sure you check in regularly for some AMAZING recipes and important info on all things health, wellness and Bikeable.
Stay healthy, stay happy.
-Chloe Fox, 
Nutritionist specializing in weight loss and natural healing.